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Social Behavior Mapping Poster - Lining Up to Leave the Classroom

Social Behavior Mapping Poster - Lining Up to Leave the Classroom

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Social Behavior Mapping allows you to explore with students how every situation contains unique behavioral expectations, and how their behavior impacts the thoughts and feelings of others—and ultimately, how they feel about themselves. (For more information on the Social Behavior Mapping framework, see below.) This poster is both a visual support and a core treatment strategy that provides an example of teaching around a common classroom activity (standing in line) using the 10-step teaching pathway. Refer to it anytime your students need a reminder of how each of us impacts the thoughts and feelings of others in this context. You can also use the template and sequence guide as a quick reference when creating a new map.

Check out Social Behavior Mapping, a book full of completed maps to use as "cheat sheets" when teaching!


Social Behavior Mapping is a powerful tool when taught correctly. We've updated this poster to guide you through the 10-steps to teaching Social Behavior Mapping with fidelity:

  • Numbers have been added to guide facilitators and students in following the sequence for working through the map to enhance learning
  • A "People" field has been added at the top to identify who is involved in the situation
  • A handy Tip section has been added to help inspire ideas when generating expected and unexpected behaviors
  • A "Sum It Up" prompt has been added as the final step to drive home the concepts

10 Steps to Teaching Social Behavior Mapping with Fidelity

Sit back and learn from Dr. Pam Crooke as she teaches best practices for working through a Social Behavior Map to enhance learning and improve fidelity. Follow along with this downloadable handout!


The Social Behavior Mapping Framework

What's happening around us influences our thoughts and feelings! Many people don't intuitively understand how their behavior affects the thoughts and feelings of others. Social Behavior Mapping, one of the most popular treatment frameworks within the Social Thinking Methodology, is a visual support showing the link between a person's behavior with the consequences they experience. It outlines a fundamental social concept: how we act in a specific situation affects how others feel, how we make others feel affects how they treat us, and how we are treated affects how we feel about others and, ultimately, about ourselves.

Many of our students are able to see expected and unexpected behaviors in others but struggle with recognizing and understanding how their own behaviors affect others. Social Behavior Maps help students figure out that they have social judgements about others and that others have judgements about them. Social Behavior Mapping makes the complicated process of how we affect each other visual and concrete!


Authors: Michelle Garcia Winner

  • Published: 2018
  • Publisher: Think Social Publishing, Inc.
  • Format: Poster
  • ISBN: 9781936943470
  • Dimensions: 24" width x 36" length (609.60 mm x 914.40 mm)


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