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Social Behavior Mapping Poster - Listening to the Teacher Talk - Social Thinking Singapore

Social Behavior Mapping Poster - Listening to the Teacher Talk


One student is squirming in her seat and shuffling her feet back and forth on the floor. Another is tapping his pen. A third is staring out the window. Some students are frustrated because they want to listen to the teacher but they're constantly being distracted. While a Social Behaviour Map can be personalized for each context and person, this poster demonstrates how the concept can be used with a group to specifically address the situation: listening to the teacher talk. It outlines some of the expected and unexpected behaviours when in this group social situation and the different thoughts and reactions others (especially the teacher) may have to these behaviours.

Social Behaviour Mapping is a strategy described in detail in one of our core books on Social Thinking, Thinking About You Thinking About Me. The purpose of a Social Behaviour Map is to help students learn how each behaviour they do has an emotional impact on those around them, and that how a person feels contributes strongly to how s/he reacts to another person's behaviour. As individuals learn about the thoughts–feelings–behaviour connection, the final lesson is ultimately that how we feel about ourselves is related to how other people treat us.

A Social Behaviour Map gives teachers a visual tool to discuss with students the link between their expected behaviours and the positive emotions of others, which contribute to positive consequences for the student, ultimately helping the student feel better about him or herself. It also helps students link their unexpected behaviours to negative emotional reactions and related consequences from others, impacting negatively how the student feels about him or herself.

Authors: Michelle Garcia Winner

  • Published: 2014
  • Publisher: Think Social Publishing, Inc.
  • Format: Poster
  • ISBN: 9782403605570
  • Dimensions: 24" width x 36" length (609.60 mm x 914.40 mm)


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