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Superflex Bingo

Superflex Bingo


New language & character updates!

Superflex® Bingo is a super flexible, fun, and educational game! It enables students to practice identifying Social Thinking concepts and Superflex characters to strengthen their self-regulation and superflexible thinking powers. This is not a stand-alone teaching tool, do not introduce this game until your students have completed You Are a Social Detective! 2nd Edition storybook and the Superflex curriculum.

What's new?

This printing of Superflex Bingo has been updated with UnthinkaBots language and four new character updates to the team of 14 UnthinkaBots:

  • Mean Bean replaces Mean Jean/Gene
  • Body Drifter replaces Body Snatcher
  • Me-Gull replaces One-Sided Sid
  • Blurt Out Blue (a new UnthinkaBot) replaces Grump Grumpaniny

We’ve also updated the instruction booklet and the 12 card decks to reflect the new changes:

  • Instruction Booklet: We’ve included “Unthinka-whats?”, a description of the UnthinkaBots language change and inclusion of four new character changes.
  • 12 Themed Card Decks: New Blurt Out Blue prompt cards replace the Grump Grumpaniny prompt cards for each of the 12 themes.

Game Description:

Unlike traditional Bingo games where players match pictures or numbers, Superflex Bingo engages players in “thinking through the Bingo Board.” Students listen to a situation read aloud and figure out a Social Thinking concept or Superflex character that fits the situation, placing a game piece on the square that matches their thinking. The game is designed so that all players “win” by getting bingos during the session, alleviating the behavior dysregulation that can often occur in competitive games. Superflex Bingo is 12 games in one, providing 12 different themed card packs to keep students engaged and learning through the year (examples include Classroom, School Field Trip, Community, Winter Holidays, Summer Vacation, etc.). Make it 13 games by downloading the free themed card pack for St. Patrick’s day!

Since all players participate in each turn, Superflex Bingo provides a framework for kids to learn a variety of social concepts while actively thinking about the powers of Superflex characters. Kids practice perspective taking as they imagine themselves and their own thoughts and feelings—and those of others—in different situations. They also continually explore Social Thinking Vocabulary concepts such as thinking with your eyes, body, and brain in the group, expected and unexpected behavior, identifying the size of the problem, etc. (Learn about these concepts and how to teach them in our free webinars.) As students become familiar with these social concepts and more, they build skills that ultimately lead to social problem solving and self-regulation.

Getting started

  • Designed for 1 – 10 players, ages 7-10+, plus an adult to lead/facilitate game play. (Since the game is designed with teaching in mind, it’s not recommended that students play the game without the adult facilitator.)
  • Session time: 25-30 minutes for a typical game.
  • Instruction booklet offers adaptations and modifications so the game can be used flexibly with different size groups and players with varying levels of social understanding.

What’s included?

  • 10 Bingo Boards: No two boards are alike; squares are arranged differently yet each board contains the same 25 squares.
  • 12 Themed Card Decks: Each deck contains 24 Bingo Situation Cards that are read aloud to the group.
  • 24 Answer-Definition Cards that match the characters and vocabulary as they appear on the Bingo Boards. One side shows the character or vocabulary term, the other side has either a definition of the character’s powers or the vocabulary term. These cards can be used by the adult to indicate the correct answer to the situations read aloud, as visual cues, and to prompt discussion about the concept or character.
  • 300 bingo chips
  • Instruction booklet

  • Published: 2018
  • Ages: 7-10+
  • Format: Game
  • ISBN: 9781936943517


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